Most computer game players are not teenagers, but are, in fact, well into their adult years. Here are some of the numbers:

Information Solutions Group recently surveyed more than 2,800 white-collar workers about playing games at work. About one-fourth of those admitted that they play games at work. (By the way, this percentage is exactly the same as found in a different survey Bob remembers writing about more than 20 years ago.)

Thirty-five percent of senior executives admitted they played games at work (computer games, they mean). Eighty-four percent said they played computer games between 15 minutes and an hour a day. Best of all, 14 percent admitted they played computer games during conference calls and business meetings. (We’ve been to meetings like that.)

Many office workers admitted they started their day by playing a video game. (Oops, that’s how we start our day. Guilty, guilty, guilty.)

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