Last week we wrote about devices for displaying Internet video on your TV. This week we’ll go in reverse and look at ways to bring TV shows to your computer. is one way of watching TV on the Internet. It offers hundreds of free shows, and there is no schedule you have to follow. Everything is prerecorded, so you click on what you’d like to see. The free software is still in its beta version, meaning not the final release, so some bugs may come up. It works with Windows or Mac.

We gave it a whirl and watched some new features from Reuters, “The Little Prince” (one of a collection of classic films from Paramount Pictures), a National Geographic special on snakes, the British Poker Open (wildly overdramatized), hockey playoff games and then went to dinner. There areJoost TV more than 150 channels, and some new shows have appeared here before they went to broadcast TV. The selections were tons of fun, even though they came with some ads.

The founders of Joost are the same two Scandinavians who created the groundbreaking Skype software for making free phone calls over the Internet.

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