· is a new AOL service that delivers videos. In fact, it has 20 million of them, and the e-mail giant has already started drawing 8 million visitors a month. Check out the video of 1,500 prisoners in the Philippines doing a take on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance routine. We guess you could call it “The Thrilla From Manila.”

lumosity· has online games designed to improve your memory and reasoning powers. If you’ve had enough crossword puzzles and Sudoku puzzles for the moment, you can have some fun with these new games. The bad news is the site wants you to sign up for $80 a year. But there is a free trial.

· creates nondisclosure agreements that match the specifications you outline by answering its questionnaire. Cost is $99 for as many as you want. (Our favorite nondisclosure agreement goes like this: If you don’t tell us about it, we can’t disclose it.)

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