All Capture

The latest version of “ALLCapture” has a new memory manager that allows you to capture computer screens in real time, without slowing the computer’s operation.

The memory manager stores data directly to the hard drive instead of using the computer’s working memory. Thus the computer still has enough memory available to let you add spoken comments as a video is being captured. You can add a company logo, voice, text, speech bubbles, additional video animation and “spotlight” effects. This last feature lets you highlight a certain section of the screen you want to emphasize for the viewer. You can also decide to capture only a portion of the screen and can make that change at any point during the video, then go back to capturing the whole screen.

This is a very impressive program. We’re real big on “ease of use.” In fact, programs that are hard to use make our eyes glaze over and we become listless and bored. You start recording a video ALLCapture by clicking on a button labeled “Record.” That’s definitely easy to use.

The captured video can be saved in a wide variety of formats. We liked SWF (ShockWave Flash), because it compresses video as it captures. We captured a 66 megabyte video that was compressed down to 13 megabytes. This makes it much easier to view on the Web or send as an e-mail. You can save captured video as an executable file, which can be viewed offline, or as a DVD. This last point raises an interesting question: Since ALLCapture captures any video on the computer screen, we figured it could also capture a movie. We tried it and were able to capture movies easily, but did not try copying any recent Hollywood releases.

ALLCapture lists for $199 at; there is a free trial available. This is $100 less than Camtasia, a competing video and screen capture program we’ve reviewed here a couple of times and found to be excellent in every regard. You can find those reviews at our Web site:, and other information at the company site: You can download a free trial version of Camtasia as well, and if you can spend some time with these valuable tools, this is the way to decide which you like best. A $100 price difference is not significant if you’re going to work with a program for a long time.


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