We just bought a new game machine that hooks up to our TV set. It’s the Nintendo Wii (pronounced

“whee”). What’s different about it, as you may have read, is that the game machine has a motion-sensitive controller that reacts to your movements andallows you to get some exercise while you play a video game.

The game comes with five sports: tennis, golf, bowling, baseball and boxing. You move your remote controller as if it were a baseball bat, and you feel as though you are actually playing baseball. It becomes a tennis racket when you’re playing tennis. You hold two controllers when you box.

Joy felt her pulse race and got as sweaty as a jogger when she knocked out nine opponents in 30 minutes. She was finally decked by a dude from New Jersey. You can stand up or sit in a chair and still get a great upper-body workout. We found ours at for $354.

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