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Your Tech Online

Since we’re on this retro trip right now, let’s revisit a tech support service we wrote about several months ago. We liked the test drive so much, we signed up, paying real money for a remote technical support service that charges $1 a minute. That sounds like a lot, but it turns out to be a bargain. For instance:

When Bob tried to update his Windows operating system, he found that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom and close-out-all-others policy, would not let him update unless he connected to their site with their own Internet Explorer Web browser. Of course, IE didn’t work. Four other browsers on the computer all worked with no problem but turning on Microsoft Internet Explorer always produced a message that it couldn’t connect to the Internet. Who’s kidding who here?

So we turned to¬† We sent them an e-mail, “stating,” as the Beatles used to sing, “point of view.” Naturally, we had to send it from a different browser.

A few minutes later a nice young woman called and asked for permission to take control of our computer with remote access software. We said sure, and she went to work on the Internet Explorer problem. Four minutes later it was fixed. Total cost: $4. Now we could have spent half a day trying to fix the problem, or a couple hundred dollars and a couple hours taking the computer into a repair shop, but we thought it better to spend $4 and have it done in four minutes. Great service; worth the price.

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