“Windows Vista: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue and others; $35 from O’Reilly ( ).

The table of contents is so good you can find just about anything on the topic in just a few seconds. You can find out how to turn off the special effects that hog a lot of memory in Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. You canWindows Vista -The Missing Manual switch to the Windows “classic” screen if the new look just confuses you or your hardware isn’t powerful enough for the new bells and whistles.

Preston Gralla, the security expert who has one of the chapters in this book and is himself the author of “Windows Vista in a Nutshell,” says security was uppermost in Windows Vista in a NutshellMicrosoft’s collective mind when Vista was being designed. There is now a built-in anti-phishing filter to keep you from being drawn to false Web sites and a new user “control box” that blocks viruses from making changes to your system without your approval.

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