Joy has discovered a neat free program from Roxio that lets you scroll photos, cartoons or news feeds along the bottom of your Windows PC screen. It’s called Roxio MediaTicker 2.0, and you can get it at Roxio.com.


Add the latest headline news, sports results, cartoons, photos and a lot more from sites like Flickr.com,Yahoo.com and MSNBC using an RSS 2.0 feed. “RSS” stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and it has become increasingly popular for transmitting digital content to a wide audience. Roxio has apage on its Web site that allows you to add the most popular RSS feeds to your scrolling ticker automatically. MSNBC uses thumbnail photos to represent the day’s top stories, which look a lot better scrolling by than text would. You click on the photo to get the story.MediaTicker

This scrolling ticker is a ton of fun, and will even clean some junk from your hard drive. When you start off with scrolling pictures, the program finds the images already on your hard drive. As the pictures scroll by, you can click on any of them to enlarge it to full size and you can then e-mail it to someone, print it and even make it your screen wallpaper. Some of the images scrolling by will be junk you don’t want anymore. You can click and delete those.

Roxio claims this free program is the ultimate media ticker, and we guess it is. It’s very nice, but unfortunately for some, it’s for Windows XP and Internet Explorer only.


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