JobKite.com is a new resume service that creates colorful online resumes. Online is not only the way to go with resumes these days, but also theJobKite way it’s going. The CEO at a tech company told us that only about 1 percent of job applicants submit resumes on paper.

You can have a resume posted for free at JobKite if you use one of its templates. This includes text topped by a decorative banner selected from a library of choices. When you go to a job site like Monster.com, you can apply for something that interests you, or simply list yourself and provide a link to your resume at JobKite. This prevents scammers from easily acquiring your name and e-mail address.

If you want a more striking resume, you can pay $25, choose a template and let the folks at JobKite design it for you. We did that and you can see how it turned out by going to www.jobkite.com/erez/oncomputers.html We were both amused and impressed by what they did.

The $25 fee covers posting for one year, with five free updates as your information changes. Your resume can include work samples, music, video clips and sound bites. We didn’t add all of these fancies, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t if you feel it helps your presentation. More info at www.jobkite.com/erez/erez_home.htm

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