800px-Prezi_logo_transparent_2012.svgFor our history club, we selected the history of candy and used Microsoft’s PowerPoint for slides. But our niece tells us we are not as hip, fast-moving and aware as we thought, because these days all her fellow students use

That may be because Prezi is free and students love free. But it’s a little tricky to get the free version of Prezi. When you go to, there’s a big “try it now” button. If you click on that, the cheapest plan you’ll see is $59 a year. But … search on the word “Prezi”  instead, and click “Sign up for your free Prezi.” The catch? The free version only works online, so wherever you’re presenting, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet.

What’s fun about Prezi is its path. Every presentation has bubbles along a path. As you click on a bubble,  it fills with information and also shows more bubbles. Our niece warned us about doing this too fast and making the audience dizzy. An interactive tutorial shows you how to use it. It’s fun.

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