aol logoMore than 2.1 million Americans still use AOL’s dial-up connection, perhaps unnecessarily. We know two people right off the bat who think they have to pay $20 a month to hold on to their AOL email accounts. They’ve been paying for years.

This sort of thinking provides a nice bundle of extra income for the company, because the truth is: you don’t need to pay AOL to keep your email account, you just have to be connected to the Internet. Joy always offers to prove this by asking for someone’s AOL user name and password and then signing in as them on her own computer or phone, where she does not pay for anything AOL related. Works fine.

2 Responses to “PAYING AOL?”

  1. The same is true of ATT. I paid them $3.95 for several years as I didn’t want to lose my email address. Then they upped it to $8.95 a month, and that was enough to make me drop them. Surprise. I still get emails to that address. I have it on permanent forward to my ISP email address.

    I hope AOL doesn’t find where you live.

  2. Thanks for your comment.