tips and tricksMost people use a simple English word as their password, like “potato.” But real words are easy for hackers to crack — once the first couple of letters are found, the hacker’s computer can immediately fill in all the words that start with those letters. Here’s a better way:

Use a song. Any song. Type the first letter for each word in the lyrics, starting wherever you want. For example, “Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.” This produces the password “owtwcsdtp,” which for sure is not going to come up in any dictionary. Since some sites require more, Joy adds the prefix of an old phone number and the name of a street where she lived before. That way she gets a number and capital and lower case letters. And it’s easy to remember; as you type in your password, sing along. Password too long? Pick a shorter song. If you wish, use an airplane instead of an address number, like F16 or B29.

2 Responses to “A SECURE PASSWORD”

  1. For passwords, I believe that using a password manager is probably the best way to generate and “remember” passwords. For the main password, or for passwords that you don’t want to be in the manager, I’ve heard about a method of making a very long password that would take a lot of computer time to crack. This method relies on using the ALT + a number method of entering a letter such as “ö.” It also uses 2 words that are linked by a punctuation symbol. The result is a very long password that is easy to remember. Here’s an example that I used from your website: crowdfunDing^discoünt5
    The result is a 22 character password and the umlaut over the letter u is entered with ALT+0252. Aside from remembering that the second D is upper case and that the number 5 is substituted for the letter s, I believe that this password is much easier to remember than any other 22 character password that can be produced by other methods. Hope this helps. Glad to read you blog!

  2. Thanks for your input. Great suggestion.