going abroadA company called “KnowRoaming” makes calls cheaper for international travelers by selling a $30 SIM card that automatically switches between providers to eliminate roaming fees. It’s thin and sits on top of your regular phone card, so you never have to take it out.

Whether or not this is a good deal depends on how you travel. We have a friend who travels so much she calls herself “Nomad Nana,” and even writes a blog under that name. She says she avoids roaming fees simply by buying phone cards in every country she visits.

But she goes somewhere and stays for a while, so she has plenty of time to buy a local service card. If you’re a business traveler in and out of places quickly, you may be due on a conference call the minute you arrive in a new country. If you use a KnowRoaming card, you’ll be switched to the local service as soon as you land. If the next day you’re in another country, it switches again. We don’t know anyone who jets around this much, but we worry that we just don’t give enough tips to the super-rich and it’s time to catch up.

An alternative is the “Sim4Globe” SIM card. It works with any unlocked phone in over 190 countries. Calls cost up to 87 percent less. There’s no contract, just sign in and view the cost per country. By the way, international tourism increased five percent in 2013. That’s 52 million extra people taking selfies every time they land.

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