KidFitIf your kid likes your fitness tracker and wants one of his own, it might be best to skip the new “KidFit.” Adult trackers work much better.

The KidFit we tried out is a tiny black orb that fits inside an uncomfortable watchband. The instructions are laughably minimal. At first we didn’t know – and weren’t instructed — to pop the working part out of the watchband and connect it to a charger. We kept looking for some way to connect the watchband itself. We finally had to go to the website,, and watch a video to figure out how to get it going.

But once we got it charged up It turned out to work badly and was just terrible at tracking steps. We only got it to sync once to the iPhone/iPad app, otherwise it failed. And at $50, it’s the same price as some adult fitness trackers, such as the Misfit Flash.

We’re sorry we can’t recommend it. KidFit is a cute idea for parents who want to motivate their children to exercise more without burdening them with calorie information. We just weren’t able to get it to work. We suggest trying what our parents told us: “Go outside and play.”

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