the jamstik in actionJamStik” looks like half a guitar. Okay, maybe a quarter. Actually, it looks like a fat fret stem, the part where you put you fingers down to shorten the strings. It costs $299 and works with your iPad, iPhone or Mac. The sound is interesting but not like a real guitar.  Still, that’s okay, a lot of electronic instruments have their own sound, and sometimes we like it that way.

You hold it like you would a regular guitar and strum actual strings. Apple must be pretty confident it will sell, because the company is offering it in 71 of its retail stores. You can also buy it at Jamstik.com. It uses infrared transmitters to sense where your fingers are and includes “Jam Tutor,” for interactive lessons. The JamStik can also be used to control software, such as Apple’s GarageBand. The best part is you never have to tune it.

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