clipitMicrosoft Word has lots of keyboard short cuts and  here are some of the more useful:

To highlight a whole sentence: In Windows, hold down the “Ctrl” key and click on any word in that sentence. You can chop it out by hitting Ctrl-X, and paste it elsewhere in the document by going there and pressing Ctrl V, or, you can just dump it. (After all, Faulkner advised writers to kill any sentence they were particularly proud of.) On the Mac, use the “Cmd” key instead of “Ctrl.”

You can turn your ¬†Word screen into a desktop whiteboard. Start with a blank page, then click twice anywhere on the page and start typing. Double click again on another part of the page and put something else there. Keep going as you wish. To cycle through recent edits, hold down the shift key and tap F5. To add the date and time, click “insert” and “Date and time.”

There are a lot of how-to Word guides at ShaunaKelly.com/word.

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