Cotton molecule

Cotton molecule

Nova Elements” came out last year as a free iPad app, and now it’s free for Windows – but only for users of Windows 8.1. That is a free upgrade for users of plain old Windows 8. Find it by tapping the Windows key, (looks like a flag), and typing “store.” The upgrade should be right there.

Nova Elements delves into basic chemistry to teach us how elements combine to make everyday things, like cotton. It includes an interactive periodic table, a game, and the two-hour NOVA program: “Hunting the Elements.”  It’s educational, it’s fun, and there are no ads. This is the first time Joy’s ever played a chemistry game for more than five minutes.

One of the neatest features is that you can click on any element in the periodic table and get a related video clip from the NOVA program. Combine several elements to build your own caffeine, water, and plastic molecules. It’s almost a cup of coffee.

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