selfie on toastWe know it’s the age of “selfies” (self portraits), but this has got to be the ultimate: You can have your likeness burned into a piece of toast. All it takes is the right toaster.

The “Vermont Novelty Toaster Company” sells them for $75. Upload a photo of yourself, your pet, or your favorite picture. They’ll create a personalized toaster using a CNC Plasma machine (using a plasma jet to cut steel). That creates the template that is inserted into the toaster and burns in your image with every slice.

The price for the toaster isn’t bad, but here’s what’s crumbly, so to speak: it doesn’t come with interchangeable plates. So if everyone in a family of four wants personalized bread, that’d be four toasters. Still, it’s a strange gift idea for the person who has everything, such as Joy’s aunt, who’s pretty unusual herself.

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