trendsPretty soon we’ll all be on candid camera. Facebook users upload 350 million photos a day.  That’s over 200,000 pictures a minute. It’s running about 120 billion a year currently and accelerating constantly. In the two years since the company went public, they’ve accumulated 250 billion photos, one-fourth of a trillion.

Now that’s just Facebook. There are many other sites that store and display photos, and to take a rough guess from our own experience, the total would be at least double the Facebook numbers. That’s seven billion pictures every ten days. And that doesn’t count videos posted to the web, and we’re not even thinking about government agency pictures.

Well there are seven billion people in the world. What else are they doing? Who’s at the office? Some of them must be toddlers. But of course some of them are also in their teens and twenties, and boy, are they taking pictures. By the way, there are seven billion people and there are six billion cell phones; most of them can take pictures.

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