Lost Civilization game“Lost Civilization” is a “hidden object” game set in Prague, London and Mexico it’s $5 for iPhone or $10 for PC or Mac. We found ourselves hooked for three days, trying to get our heroine’s fiancé back safely as we went from one archeological dig to another.

The nice thing about hidden object games is that your three year-old, your grandma and everyone in between can play together. “Lost Civilization” has you searching for clues and inventing ways to get people out of your way.

Such games are kind of a middle ground between the complex adventure games that can literally go on for years, and the short-term games like Angry Birds that can be played for a few minutes or a couple hours.

Lots of these hidden object games are available in the iPhone/iPad App Store. The one for PC/Mac came from The website requires installing a free download before you can start playing, but it opens a whole world of games to buy or play for free. Through this service, we were able to re-introduce our nephews to the classic “Monkey Island” game they played as young children. Bob has one of the first copies ever sold, signed by the creator, but it’s almost impossible to get it to play on a modern PC.

“Steam” became famous for long, complex games like “Half Life,” but also has free games and early classics, such as the LucasArts Adventure Pack, with “Loom,” “Indiana Jones,” and “The Dig” for $10. The Dig was written by one of the great science fiction authors, Alan Dean Foster.

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