iPad and iPhone Kung FuA new book, “iPad and iPhone Kung Fu,” by Keir Thomas, $19 from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, promises to turn you into an Apple ninja.

Here’s what we like about it: Every thing you could conceivably want to do on your phone or tablet is listed as a tip right up front. Pick the tip that interests you and then go to the pages on how to do it.

For example: put a call on hold, take a panorama shot, get free stuff from Apple, it’s all there. And it’s listed several ways. You can look at tips by category, like “Maps and Navigation,” “Creativity” or “Productivity.” Or browse all 318 tips listed in order of appearance, starting with “taking photos in burst mode,” moving on to “quit GPS to save battery life,” and ending with calling your iPad from your iPhone using Facetime, or vice versa.

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