iPad miniJoy’s Kindle Fire went into a coma for several months and the battery wouldn’t charge. So we got an iPad Mini, a smaller version of the iPad for $278 from Amazon.

Every reviewer says that if you’ve got an original iPad, which we do, you’ll be wowed by the screen resolution of the iPad Mini. Well, we’re often cranky, so we weren’t wowed. In fact, at first we didn’t even notice this great improvement. But the real joy (sorry about that) of the smaller iPad is that it’s light weight and easy to hold.

The iPad Mini gave us a chance to test all those apps that supposedly only work on the newest Apple devices. New or old, they all seem to work. They all look nice, but if we hadn’t thought we needed to replace the Kindle Fire, we wouldn’t have bothered. Strange world: the Kindle Fire started working again right after we bought the iPad Mini. We live in a very mysterious universe.

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