A couple years ago we bought a Simon and Garfunkel record on eBay and it arrived as a vinyl record. Well that was a surprise! Because we thought we would be getting a CD and had no way to play a record.

That prompted our purchase of a record player from Audio Technica. Now we have a whole collection of records we found at thrift stores. (Usual price: $1 each.)

So here’s where we get to the new point: Amazon announced that any vinyl record purchased on its website will include a free digital version that is stored on their “Cloud Player” site. So if you’re away from home and want to hear that great old record, it’s a can-do.

The service is part of Amazon’s “AutoRip,” which provides an MP3 version of any CD or vinyl record you bought going back to 1998. To play the MP3 version, launch Amazon’s “Cloud Player.” All your music will already be there, no uploading necessary. You can also send new music to be stored on that site.


  1. What about us old timers with thousands of songs on cassette tapes, (analog). I have found it near impossible to get Windows Media Player to recognize music downloaded to my PC via, AUDACITY. What is my next move ?