We’re still waiting for the official Microsoft version of Office for iPad and Android tablets. Meanwhile, there’s a free app that lets you use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It’s called “OnLive Desktop” from

You don’t actually install Microsoft Office on your tablet but use versions that are stored online. The files you create in OnLive Desktop live online in your private account. You get two gigabytes of storage in the free version or can pay $5 a month for more. To get documents out of your tablet onto a flash drive or into a printer, log on to the website from a PC or Mac.

— Another road to business meeting paradise is “Haiku Deck,” a free PowerPoint-type app for iPhone or iPad. Haiku Deck practically creates presentations for you. It gives you a few to start with and modify, with great-looking themes. The search function searches over a million free-to-use images from the Creative Commons. When you’re finished, you get a link to the presentation to share on the web. Everyone at the meeting cheers wildly.

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