It’s enough to irritate the Good Humor man:

Half the time, Gmail puts an old signature at the bottom of one of our emails. And it doesn’t just happen to us. So why does it do that? Aha! We found the answer, and the fix.

An email signature is text that is automatically slugged in at the bottom of every email you send out – supposing that you first created it in Gmail’s “settings” menu. Sending the wrong signature can obviously be embarrassing for people who have more than one preset sign-off.  It’s also a real problem if some of those sign-offs contain your old address or phone number, and you just ordered something or wrote an old friend.

It turns out it’s not really Gmail’s fault. It happens only if you use more than one email address and forget to set up a new signature for each one. Well, lots of people have more than one email address. After all, most services allow you to have a dozen. Every time you use a different email address as the sender, sign-off information associated with that address gets sent right along with it.

If you want each of your email accounts to use the same signature, click the picture of a gear in the corner of the Gmail screen and then click “settings.” Under the “General” tab, there’s an area showing the current signature for each email address. Click to change each one.  In Yahoo mail, this is even easier to fix.

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    How about the thousands of us who watch HD TV delivered by our (free) antennas? Out here in the boonies (30 miles from anywhere) where I live, I get 14 channels, including 3 different PBS channels from AETN, Arkansas Educational TV Network.