According to a survey by TeamViewer, sixty-seven percent of working Americans say they’d wear a t-shirt and jeans if they worked from home. One percent said they’d wear a suit and tie. (Those must be the “one percent” we’re always reading about.)

Seventy-three percent said getting to wear what you want makes you more productive. Eighty percent said it would sure save on gas. And over a third said they’d be glad to be away from office gossip.

2 Responses to “WORKING FROM HOME”

  1. I am definitely one of those that like to dress casual at home which I find as one of many benefits that working from home offers.

    I have been working from home for more than 15 years now and can only encourage people that value their freedom and hate the daily commuting through the rush hour traffic to seriously think about a change.

    Ideally you should create an income from home doing what you are best at and what you love.
    In other words turning a hobby into a profitable business.

    This is actually quite simple and if you are keen and prepared to dig in you can create an income in a reasonably short time.

    I converted my “worm composting hobby” (recycling kitchen- garden- and animal waste) with the help of earthworms into a full time income.

    Working in just my garage and backyard and with start up costs that where less than a meal at my favorite restaurant costs it has developed into a sustainable profitable business.

    I am doing what I enjoy for profits and am my own boss 🙂

    I can only encourage others to think about the possibility to make money with one of their hobbies and give it a shot.

  2. This is great. So glad to hear about your success.