By the way … When you take your smart phone to another country, you may be in for a shocking charge. Our brother in Boston was dinged for $50 in data charges in the first few minutes he stepped off the plane in China.

So we were cheered to learn of GlobalGig, which offers a mobile hotspot that avoids those costs by logging into the local network in each market through the user’s smartphone, tablet or laptop. The speed is 7.2 megabyte per second. You can pay for a gigabyte of data for $25 or up to five gigabytes for $49. It’s strictly pay as you go, no contract. The hotspot itself is $119 and is available at

Another way around the high costs is to purchase a local SIM card when you reach your destination. But one hates to take out the SIM card, because it has all your contacts on it.  Aha! How to get around that: You can use a SIM card copier, but you probably don’t have one, and most of the folks who bought one on Amazon gave it poor reviews. So … ask the phone store where you’re buying your new SIM card, to transfer over the data from your other card. Almost any large phone store should be able to do that.

2 Responses to “NO MORE ROAMING”

  1. A rookie question,
    “mobile hotspot” is the same as or similar to MiFi?

  2. Yes, you are exactly right. The MiFi is an example of a Mobile hotspot. Here’s a good explanation: