“Zuma’s Revenge” is another one of those addictive games from PopCap and it’s now out for the Nintendo DS. We took it for a spin just to compare it with the PC version.

The PC wins hands down in our opinion, because we’re not regular DS users and find the tiny device a bit of a strain on the eyes. But the DS version adds some new twists. For example, your frog can now hop around lily pads and enter the “Daily Dungeon Mode” or play with others over the DS communications network.

Zuma’s Revenge is $20 for the DS or PC. A new version will be available in March for the Nintendo DSi, a device similar to the DS, but it can download games from an online shop instead of through cartridges. You can play an hour for free on your computer at PopCap.com.

As kind of a thoughtful aside here, PopCap has become something of a giant in computer gaming, and it came up fairly quickly. We think it’s strength comes from ignoring the kind of massive role-playing games that require lots of time and experience (as well as the purchase of game-playing equipment) and focusing on relatively simple games that can be played for a short time, or longer, and require almost no learning curve.

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