Solitaire Blitz” is a new Facebook game from PopCap. It’s addictive and free — as long as you don’t buy game coins to boost your play power. In fact, the purchase of items to be used with the game are Bob’s only objection.

The graphics are great, and this is a big reason why PopCap games are so fun to play. But if we had young children around, we’d want to keep our credit cards close to the vest and in our wallets. Buying game tokens could get expensive real fast, but if you don’t mind not getting the highest possible scores, you can keep playing for free.

The game has an underwater theme and when you win, you bring up sunken treasure. Unlike regular Solitaire, you can play your cards ascending or descending. The game will be available on Facebook sometime in March, though you can ask to join the beta testers and play now by sending a friend request to “Jacques Starfish.”

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