When we wrote about the “Microsoft Touch Mouse” back in October, we said we weren’t sure it was worth its $80 price. Now we’re sure it isn’t, even at its new $60 sale price.

 The Touch Mouse responds to one-finger, two-finger and three-finger commands. For example, moving your thumb from side to side takes you forward or back on the Web. Its worst feature is that all on its own, it will jump the cursor down the page without notice. You might be in the middle of editing the great American novel but the mouse will determine where next you type.

Worst of all, we had to change batteries every couple of weeks. Instead of being a moveable feast this thing is a moving disaster.

Now we’re using the Logitech M305. The battery life on this wireless mouse is great and it doesn’t jump around the screen. Best of all, at $20, it’s a third of the price, from Target.

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