If you’ve updated your iPhone to the latest “iOS 5” operating system, you may have noticed that the battery drains faster. Here are some tips:

  • Set the time zone manually. Otherwise, it will constantly readjust itself, making repeat calls to the GPS radio signal. Tap “Settings,” “Location Services” and then “System Services.”
  •  Disable as many notifications as possible by going to “Settings” and “Notifications.”
  •  Check for email manually, rather than allowing “push” notifications.
  •  Dim the screen when you don’t need it to be bright.

The iPhone uses the 3G network. If instead of an iPhone, you have one of the latest 4G phones, your battery will again drain quickly. Why? The coverage area for 4G is spotty, so as your phone continually searches for a signal, it drains the battery. Many people turn off 4G to conserve power.

For more battery tips, ask Google. For example: “How to dim my iPhone screen in iOS 5.” We have found answers to almost every personal technical problem by doing a Google search.


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