The huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas takes place every year in early January, and we have some flash previews of amazing stuff. As always with CES, some things are off in the future, some available now. Here are a few gee-whiz highlights:

  • IBM is working on computers and phones that respond to your thoughts. Think about calling someone and it happens.
  • Also on that track are a number of companies promoting TVs that let you change the channel just by thinking about it.
  • The “LightPad” is a device that connects to your smartphone and projects its display onto a 60-inch screen. It includes its own keyboard and an eleven inch rear-projection screen.
  • “SunBrite TV” lets you watch your favorite shows in bright sunlight – like out in the yard or on your boat.
  • The Novo 7 is a $99 Android tablet complete with the latest “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system. It’s the cheapest we’ve heard about, if you don’t count the $100 LeapPad for children, which sold out this Christmas.

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