Joy has 53,914 saved emails in her Gmail account, going back to 2005. That’s about two-thirds of the seven gigabytes of free storage allowed by Google. Though all of it is organized with labels, it’s time consuming to winnow the junk.

One way to go is Gmail Organizer. It’s $7 from, or free if you pay $20 a year for a subscription to all the downloads they offer. Click on “downloads” at to find it, or click here.

In the next few weeks Google is coming out with a new way to organize your Gmail. Their “Priority Inbox” feature has been a hit and they’re adding others. Joy uses Priority Inbox so everything that’s not pertinent goes into a bulk mail folder. This takes care of the “Don’t miss this important offer” kind of mail. The new feature will let you put starred mail or important mail at the top of that box, so you can save the mail you’d like to look at later. Click the “Labs” link under “Options” to turn on new features.

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