True story: A lady we know couldn’t figure out why her computer wouldn’t react the way she wanted it to and said: “I keep stepping on the pedal and nothing happens.” She thought her mouse was like the pedal on a sewing machine.

Now that’s not so dumb. “SoftStep KeyWorx” is a pedal you can step on to control your computer. It has ten large keys that can remember 100 commands. You can use it to enter text, start programs, access the Internet, etc. The device weighs one pound and is small enough to fit in a briefcase.

Though it might be a boon for the disabled or gamers looking for a kick, this was initially aimed at musicians who use a “MIDI” keyboard with their computers and a foot pedal to record or add to a performance. It’s not cheap to go stompin at the Savoy; we found the device for $259 on the web. More info at keithmcmillen.com.

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