ONLINE TRAINING MADE EASY is a web-based service that makes it easy to create online courses. It’s free if you have ten trainees or less.

Upload a PowerPoint file, a PDF, or a Word file, and away you go. At each slide or page, click an “insert quiz” button. If your PowerPoint slide has video or audio, it will play the quiz.

The whole thing gets converted to an “Adobe Flash” video at its own special web address. So remind your students, if they’re using an iPad, that they’ll need to view it at the flash-friendly website,, since for reasons that are no doubt buried deeply in the Apple psyche, the iPad can’t handle Adobe Flash.

The Mindflash service also grades your students for you and delivers reports. It gets expensive fast, if you’re not charging your students anything. If you have more than ten students, you pay for the service, starting at $99 a month and going up to $1000 a month for a thousand students.

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