inreachIf your summer adventures take you deep into the jungle, beyond even the reach of cell phone signals (social network death), Delorme’s new “InReach” two-way communicator could be useful.

InReach is the first personal communicator with Iridium Global Satellite coverage and an Android interface. It claims to cover 90 percent of the Earth’s surface (and maybe a few places under it, since it also claims to be waterproof).

The device can be used by itself or paired with an Android smartphone. To use it as a standalone device, you would send pre-loaded text messages (Like: “Went up the Amazon today. Hot.”) and activate remote tracking. The remote tracking would let someone find you when your mosquito repellent ran out. LED lights flash when your message has been received. There’s also an SOS key. When paired with an Android you can do two-way text messaging. You can also post to Facebook and Twitter.

The InReach will be available in October for $250, plus a $10 a month subscription. Don’t forget to bring a paddle.

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