• inreachMy iPad 2,” by Wallace Wang, $25 from nostarch.com. Wang is the author of several best-selling computer books and he makes this stuff easy to read; your least techie friend could follow it. We were reminded that you don’t have to let your iPad get crowded with icons. Drag one on top of another and it makes a little folder. We dragged a bunch of news apps into a folder and it automatically was labeled “news,” and we could still see mini icons for each app on the folder cover. NOTE: Most of the tips and tricks would apply to the original iPad as well, and we have a strong hunch that they would apply to most of the new iPad imitators coming out so rapidly.
  • “Take Control of Working With Your iPad,” by Joe Kissell, is a $10 eBook from oreilly.com that shows you how to use your iPad for business.

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