Daniel RadcliffeGoogle ran into copyright trouble trying to digitize every American book, but they’re steaming ahead with an opening group of 250,000 out-of-print books (40 million pages) in the British Library (the national library). The books are dated between 1700 and 1870.

When the digitizing is finished, these titles will be available for free at the British Library’s website, bl.uk and at books.google.co.uk/, where there’s already a treasure trove of books and magazines from the modern era. It’s interesting to compare books at the U.S. site, books.google.com with their United Kingdom site. The British one currently highlights a children’s book about Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the Harry Potter movie series, under “Trending Topics.” There are a lot of free classics at both sites. Joy started reading “The Wind in the Willows,” which an aunt had given to her decades ago but she had never gotten around to.

Speaking of kids books, go to books.google.com/ebooks and search on “everything kids series” if you’d like to buy virtual books that kids can color with virtual crayons. They’re $6 to $7. You can view samples. Click “doodle mode” to try out the crayons.

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