Adobe Reader is the free program most people use to open “PDFs,” which are documents that retain their original look (all the formatting and illustrations) no matter what system they’re viewed on. An alternative we like better is “Nitro PDF,” which is also free.

Nitro PDF adds some tools to the ordinary PDF viewing experience. Say someone sends you a form as a PDF file. This is annoying because normally you can’t edit a PDF. Meaning you can’t fill out the form; you would have to print it out and then fill in the blanks. Nitro PDF lets you fill in any PDF form and add comments.

The new version 2.0 also lets you highlight words, add a signature, and save the whole thing without leaving Internet Explorer or Firefox. It’s also faster than other PDF readers. You can download it at NitroPDF.com.

In even more explosive news, Nitro PDF offers free conversions from PDF to Word at PDFtoWord.com. The converted file is emailed to you seconds later. It did a great job on our test files. They also offer free conversion to Excel files at PDFtoExcelOnline.com.

4 Responses to “A BETTER PDF READER”

  1. Haven’t tried this yet, but my bride sure has a need for something that will convert PDF file to another document form. She has duties as a translantor and will use the heck out of this if it works.
    Thanks so much for your column.
    Sadly, due to an unconscionable rise in the price of the
    Arkansas Democrat Gazette, I’m about to loose my weekly read of your column. You are almost the only reason that I continue to subscribe to the paper now.
    Do you publish online or in another newspaper that I can read?
    – herb hawn

  2. Hi Herb:
    Thanks for your note. We tend to write about four or five items per column and I publish one a day online here. But if you prefer to see the column exactly as it appears in the papers, click the “Recent Columns” link on the right side of each page, or go to Telegram.com and search on “Schwabach” to get a list of the most recent columns. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette is also online but requires a subscription. Regards, Bob and Joy Schwabach

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