Bullet ProofJust two weeks before Joy was scheduled to give a PowerPoint presentation at a statewide convention for P.E.O. women’s clubs, she was sent a copy of the book, “Beyond Bullet Points” to review. Death by PowerPoint was narrowly averted!

Most PowerPoint presentations are deadly. We have been the recipients of more than our fair share as public relations people stop by to present formal pitches. They take so long to get to the point that we’ve nodded off before they get there.

Joy says this new book has changed her life. “It is terrific” she says. “It gets you to stop putting in the usual baloney that most people do when they create PowerPoint presentations, which are usually a series of ‘bullet points’ or lists of sentence fragments that could have been simply emailed to the audience.” “Beyond Bullet Points,” $30 from Microsoft Press, by Cliff Atkinson, shows how to do away with them.

The book was a bestseller when it first came out a few years ago (there are millions of PowerPoint users) and is now in its third edition. The author even points to a court case in Texas in which a PowerPoint presentation was instrumental in winning a $253 million jury verdict. He says the same approach can be used in any business presentation, and shows you how to do it.

There’s some brain research that backs up his method. Never read out loud what it says on the screen, he says, for example. Research has shown that when you repeat the text that’s on a PowerPoint slide, the redundancy make it harder for the audience to process and easier to forget. Who would have thought it? Not many presenters, as it turns out.

“Beyond Bullet Points” got Joy so excited about her P.E.O presentation, she sat right down and had a rough draft done in an hour. You can get lots more info at beyondbulletpoints.com.

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