Rent a Country

For about the same amount some people spend on a wedding, they could rent an entire Swiss village, a wine estate owned by a German prince, a village in the heart of the Gutenberg forest, or for $70,000, the whole tiny country of Liechtenstein.

 It’s all at, a bed and breakfast site that lets you rent anything from a couch for a night to a tree-house for a week to a boat for a month. (We had to click on the blog link at the bottom of their home page to find the really big rentals.)

AirBnB uses locals to handle everything. We can be greeted by a parade on our arrival, have the major streets named after us (temporarily), and enter on a flowered carpet. We might also want to print our own currency, and, if it’s winter-time, have our names and logos sculpted in snow. We would, of course, be welcomed by the mayor or in the case of Lichtenstein, presumably by the prince. Smokers should note: all of Liechtenstein is a no-smoking zone. teamed up with “Rent a Village,” by Xnet, a Liechtenstein-based event production and marketing company, that offers Liechtenstein, six Austrian villages, three German towns and one Swiss ski resort. If you rent Liechtenstein, you can accommodate 900 guests in over 500 bedrooms. The minimum stay is three nights, so there’s an extra cost. If you decide to rent the place, please send us your review.

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