We got a reader letter from someone wanting to know how to get their game published and make some money with it. It’s wasn’t our first such letter, and we’re sorry to say this is a tough row to hoe.  It’s much harder to make a commercially successful game than most people realize. Sure, you can submit your idea to various game development firms and publishers like PopCap, Electronic Arts, Activision, etc.,  but, it’s much like submitting a movie script — a long shot.

Big Problem: Many publishers don’t want to see your idea. The publisher may already have a similar game concept in the works and worries that the person submitting the idea will later claim they were ripped off.

A guy we’ve known for years at PopCap, says you should start by searching It has job postings for writers, game testers and programmers. There’s also, a site geared to small independent developers.  Here you might find someone willing to develop the game concept into an actual playable demo or prototype.

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