Skype, our favorite free Internet phone calling service, just added the ability to call your Facebook friends from within Skype.

There are now four tabs across the top of your Skype screen. One of them is called “Facebook.” Click it and you see your friends’ news feed, just as if you were on There’s a little “Call” button and an “SMS” button for instant messaging next to any friend who’s one of your Skype contacts. If they’re a Skype user, but aren’t one of your Skype contacts, a plus sign next to their name lets you add them in.

The new Skype 5.0 also improves its free 10-way video calling feature, and has a new automatic recovery feature to get disconnected calls up and running again. More info at

Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger 2011, another way to make free phone calls over the Internet, also has Facebook integration,

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