Barnes and Noble’s new “Pub It!” is a free service that lets you upload and sell a digital version of your book through the Barnes and Noble website, The digital book can be downloaded to their e-reader “Nook” and readers that are compatible with that system. That includes your computer, the iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android phones. You just download the compatible reader software, which is free.

B&N has already added tens of thousands of titles from independent publishers and self-published authors. Potential customers can peruse free samples of each one. You, the author, decide on the book’s price, which can be anywhere from 99 cents to $199.99. If you keep the price between $3 and $10, you get 65 percent of that when someone buys it; otherwise you get 40 percent. Both these figures are much higher than you would get from a traditional print publisher. The service accepts manuscripts as a Word document and a number of other popular formats.

The service starts out with some free books: Little Women, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, and other classics. The Barnes and Noble web site lists the free books but they’re tough to find. Try Like buying a traditional printed book, you can lend your digital books to friends. You send it to their compatible reader. It’s a new world; find out a bunch more at

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