No wonder laptops are popular; not only are they portable but they come with a built-in microphone and camera. This makes for easy teleconferencing one-on-one, but a pain for a group who must be constantly moving their heads so they’re still in the picture.

A wide-angle lens would fix that, and Microsoft just came out with their “1080p LifeCam Studio” webcam. This is an accessory for laptop or desktop computers. The wide angle lens cuts down the need to shift positions to get in the picture. The camera swivels full circle, allowing you to also get the folks behind the computer. A sensitive microphone picks up everyone’s comments. You can use the camera with Skype, AOL or Yahoo Instant Messenger, but they’re pushing you to try Microsoft Live Messenger, which takes advantage of the high definition video quality. It will be available later this month from BestBuy stores or can be pre-ordered at the Microsoft website for $100.

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