iphone4Steve Jobs demonstrated the new iPhone 4 today, which arrives in stores June 24. Though there were some tense moments as he told 500 people to turn off their Wi-Fi connections so he could continue with the demo, people got pretty excited about it.

  • Like the Sprint EVO 4G, it has a front and rear-facing camera, for video chatting. ┬áThis is called “Face Time.”
  • It’s the thinnest cell phone on the planet, though frankly, we don’t mind a little thicker. (It’s .37 of an inch, compared to half an inch for the EVO 4G.)
  • It doesn’t use the super-fast 4G cellular connection, which is why there’s no “G” in the name.
  • The phone costs $200 if you have a contract ending in 2010 or you’re a new customer. Other wise, the base price is $300.
  • The battery: Video playback lasts 10 hours, talk time 7 hours in “3G’ mode and 14 hours in “2G.”
  • The screen display is incredibly sharp –four times the pixel count of previous iPhones.
  • The camera is five megapixel, compared to three for the iPhone 3.
  • AT&T is still the carrier.
  • According to Gizmodo, it lacks the support for the cloud (think Google Docs) that Android phones have.

We’ll call you back when we get more information.

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