Should guys carry their iPad in a “man purse?” Probably not, but we don’t want to wear our iPad either.ipad-case

ibapInstead, we bought the $39 case that everybody says is a must, because it folds up to make a little stand. But it gets dirty easily and dust tends to collect in the corners of the screen. Too much dust can damage the machine. It’s a pain to take in and out of the case. This problem might be solved if you use screen protectors.

We tried the $35 iPad sleeve from Colcasac.com. We really like the way it looks. The makers say it’s partly meant to disguise the fact that you’re carrying an iPad. (There was a news story about a guy who lost his finger when a thief tore an iPad out of it.) The only downside of this bag is that it has no handle. We’re thinking of adding our own handle, by sewing on  a couple of strips of fabric. It’s a cuddly pad, all furry inside, with a nice pocket on the outside for your power adapter, DVDs or flash drives. Colcasa also makes sleeves for Macs, iPhones and Kindles. Comes in solid colors and patterns.ipad-sleeve


  1. Dear Bob,
    I purchased an iPad for my wife’s 65th birthday.
    Since I have used marware (www.marware.com) in the past, I was able to secure a case there for her iPad and she could not be happier. It’s leather with a soft interior. The case can be stood up at least 2 ways and one of those ways is for typing. She is very happy with the case.
    Thanks for your great column.

  2. Dear Bill:

    Thank you for thanking us. We work hard at it and are kind of proud of it.

    Thanks for the marware.com suggestion too.


    Bob and Joy Schwabach