Just when we thought the iPad was just a touchscreen computer without a keyboard, along comes a few more gorgeous apps to make it amazing again.

  • Da Vinci HD: Leonardo’s paintings fill your iPad screen in this 99 cent app. Looking at “The Last Supper,” we found it hard to believe we never noticed that there are 11 male disciples and a woman next to Jesus.

    You can save the paintings to your iPad photo collection, email them, or read about them.

  • The Elements is a 1.8 gigabyte app, so we had to download it to our computer first. But it’s visually stunning. You get to see all the elements that make up our earth, in pictures, video and live data. The live data comes in from Wolfram Alpha’s mathematical search engine. Not cheap at $14, and we have a few criticisms. ┬áThe write-ups are jazzy but lacking substance. They rely on old information and leave out important characteristics like chemical valence, the ability to give up an electron or accept one. This of course is crucial information in determining what kinds of compounds the element can form. You can see the elements in 3D, if you buy $5 glasses.
  • Sudoku Soccer from Avanquest.There are free versions available but this one, for $2.99, has a World Cup theme. Fans cheer as you move the ball into a slot and give it a number. Choose your team and your rival from among 32 countries. You can cheat and take a time penalty. Also available for iPhones and Android phones for 99 cents.


  1. The Last Supper, look at this web site, which I found reading New Scientist magazine http://www.lastsupperreflection.com/
    The NS article is about researching LS and finding If you hold a mirror at the pics center, interesting effects, including a knight at the left end of the table. See also http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/arts/artwork/last-supper-theory.htm for a review of the above
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