goflexThe new Seagate “GoFlex” portable hard-drive is fast, but you need the new USB 3.0 connection to get full speed. But what if you don’t care about speed? We don’t. While our files are backing up, we do other things on the computer.  What impressed us much more than speed was the “Memeo” software on the drive. The control screen is a “dashboard” that makes “driving” much easier.

“Memeo Instant Backup” comes with the GoFlex drive but you can also get it for $30 on its own at Memeo.com. It backs up all your files and makes it easy to restore them selectively or all at once. It also lets you create a “sharing circle” for sharing photos and videos with friends.  This is a lot faster and simpler than trying to email them. The sharing circle, “Memeo Share” is free at Memeo.com, but the recipients of your photos will also get buttons for trial versions of “Instant Backup” and “Memeo Send.”

Memeo Send is for sending huge files. We mean files that are larger than two gigabytes. There seems to be no limit to the size of the file, unless your computer or network imposes one, and you could theoretically send your whole computer’s contents. (Except system files.) You can get a free trial of the Memeo “Send” service that lets you have three free sends. After that it’s $5 a send or $20 a month. (Individuals might prefer the free “YouSendIt.com,” for less than two gigabytes, but Memeo seems very handy for businesses that need to send more.)

The GoFlex drive is $99 for the 320 gigabyte version. You can get a cable for either eSATA or Firewire connections for an extra fee, or use the drive at USB 2 speed. Speed freaks will want to order a USB 3 adapter, which experts say will soon dominate all other types. Lots more info at Seagate.com.

Breaking News (6/29/10):

Seagate’s “Go Flex” drive, for $250,  now comes in three terabyte capacity. That’s enough to store 120 HD movies, 1,500 video games, thousands of photos, etc.

2 Responses to “GOING FOR A DRIVE”

  1. Mr Schwabach,
    A while back you recommended the Rebit backup drive. I recall or think I recall that the drive and software backs up all files and all programs. My question is; does this mean I don’t have to have my original disks to reinstall my programs?

    thank you,
    Alex Pappas

  2. No. The Rebit drive only backs up files, not programs.

    PCMover moves programs over, but we haven’t been getting good results with it. The programs didn’t really move over.

    It’s best to reinstall programs.