One of our faithful readers likes to keep everything on his computer rather than use an external storage drive. He says he loses track of what’s on a storage drive. Ah, ha! We have a solution.

Verbatim’s “InSight” drive comes with a little display window that tells you how much space is left on the drive and has a description of the contents. An example would be

a brief description that simply says “Pictures: 2000-2005.” It’s not much but quite helpful, nonetheless. You can read the display screen on the drive whether it is plugged into the computer or not.

The InSight drive is quite small, only slightly larger than an iPhone. The best price we could find was the 320 gigabyte version on Amazon.com for $78. That’s plenty of storage for a good price.  The drive has “Nero” backup software already on board.

This just in: Seagate’s “Go Flex” drive now comes with three terabytes of storage for $249. That’s a monster-sized drive.

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